Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The King

As Johnny Cash once sang, “I hear that train a comin’,” I feel like I am running as fast as I can down the tracks of technology to avoid the inevitable; however, as I watch the iMovie tutorial, all I can do is learn and try to keep things in perspective. Don’t lie down or even jump the tracks…just keep running!

Being an amateur techy and movie creator, I greatly appreciate the assignment to learn iMovie. So far I am dwarfed in comparison to my classmates, yet I feel somewhat encouraged by Michael Wesch’s comment that “there are no natives here,” because we are all new to this technology stuff as it is in constant change. Due to assignments that have required the use of iMovie, I have had to learn on the run and use the Apple tutorials. So far, this Lynda tutorial has been very informative and detailed. I learned that: the video in the “event browser” can be muted while skimming for desired clips; slide bars are located in both the event browser and project pane in order to allow for precise editing; and right clicking on a selection allows for playback of that piece only. 
Here is a short snippet of the future movie.

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  1. Wayne, I am a huge fan of as well! I think you have been doing a great job at your movies and they all have been very creative and very funny. Keep riding that train!