Thursday, April 7, 2011


 Little Bob versus The King Part 2
            Due to the fact that I am a novice at video editing, I do like iMovie’s nontraditional timeline application. I do not like the traditional timeline, because I dislike having to move the slidebar under the project area in order to edit the movie. Sometimes the slide bar has hiccups and creates difficulty in moving through the video as I am trying to add a new clip back into the earlier stage of the video. However, I had the same trouble today with the same procedure in the “stacked” clip view.
            In the video that accompanies this blog, I created and adjusted a still clip from a video, and I added text and a title.
            I did not know that you could add a theme after you had begun a non-themed project. Also, the new theme specific transitions are added to the transition pane. I intend to use this in my final production.

What Garrick Chow doesn’t teach:
            How do you get the extra drivers associated with iMovie?
            How do you move projects out of iMovie if they are taking up too much drive space?
            What happens when iMovie seems to be reacting slowly or doing weird things like putting video upside down?
            How do you uncrop a clip that you no longer want cropped?
            Also, the author talks about an exercise folder that he has created and it magically appears on the right border of the iMovie edit window. Don’t know how he did that.

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