Friday, April 15, 2011


I have decided to use WiZiQ as my Web 2.0 tool to assist me in teaching my CBR project. I will be able to use it much like Wimba that we use at Fullsail. I have not figured out all of the uses for it yet; however, this should solve the distance problem for me. Most of my students are miles away from each other due to the fact that we live in a rural community. It will also allow for students who want to join the fight to save endangered species in southern Missouri as the class progresses. The use of WiZiQ will allow for me to teach and give information as well as write tests for the class so that I can collect quantitative data.

The main decision that I have to make right now is what premium plan do I want to pay for. I believe the best choice is to take the cheaper plan now and purchase the pro plan in June when I implement my project; however, this may even allow for me to begin the project now in order to gather even more information or have it an ongoing project. So I have decided to purchase the Solo Plus plan for $9.95 for now with a free 30-day trial. As I work on the plan and implement my ideas, I will be able to allow students to join the fight against apathy concerning endangered species. Who knows, this may even create a course greater than I could have imagined since it will allow for individuals who participate in WiZiQ to join my class.

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