Friday, April 15, 2011


Today I signed up for a premium plan with WiZiQ. This plan costs $9.95 per month with 30 days free. This Web 2.0 platform will allow for me to do the following:

·      Collaborate with learners in synchronous and asynchronous modes.
·      Create a powerful Virtual Classroom where I can conduct Online Live Classes.
·      Use a Whiteboard.
·      Teach and collaborate with PowerPoint, Word Presentations, and PDF’s.
·      Audio and Video Conferencing.
·      Text Chat.
·      And class recordings for later reference

I began to build my site today. I added “Little Bob versus The King” as an embedded video to my content section of my site. This was not a difficult task; however, there were a few roadblocks. I could not upload directly from my computer due to the fact that the WiZiQ site did not support the file format m4v. (see following image)

Therefore, I had to embed the video by using WiZiQ’s embed content area, and even though they state that they did not support Viddler, the Viddler embed did work! (see following image)

The next snag was the description section. At first I wrote a snippet of information for the video; however, the upload would not accept less than 250 characters. Therefore, I had to write more and I decided to open a Word document then in order to follow the number of words…but they do mean characters, because apparently the 450 word essay I wrote had too many characters, so it would not upload the video then, either. So I deleted a paragraph and it worked! So characters must also include punctuation and spaces, I assume!

Please take a look at the start of my new endeavor with WiZiQ. Thanks!

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