Saturday, November 5, 2011

MAC Week 2: Comment to Marc's Blog

My response to Marc:
"Chip away at the stone!" "Just another brick in the wall." These were the lyrics I heard in high school. I certainly needed someone to see me as an A, and I needed a teacher to guide me; however, even for teachers, they only see "what you have done for me lately." I appreciate your insight and the opportunity that you give your students to shine and develop their creativity and self-expression. Your students are very fortunate to have you, and I hope they appreciate you.

MAC wk. #2: Reading Reaction
As I read the book, "The Art of Possibility," the second chapter of giving an "A" really spoke to me and also let me know that I actually am on the right track. The chapter begins with the story of Michelangelo talking about how a sculpture is hidden in a piece of rock, and you need to chip away the excess parts to reveal the art. The author compares this in education where the student needs to drop the "excess" to gain mastery and self-expression.
I have an assignment at the beginning ofd the year where my students study themselves and really think about who they want to be and what their Artistic Identity is. I have found that giving this assignment to the students helps them to let go of barriers and also gets to feel more comfortable to their self-expression in my class. They really respond positively to the assignment and I think it helps to set the tone for the year and also get them excited about who they are as an artist. I wanted to share my assignment and also give you all permission to use it if you would like.

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