Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wk 4 Publishing_Presentation Project

I have chosen Edutopia to showcase my CBR project due to the fact that they have a project-based learning component to their Website. My presentation will cover two formats, and I will be able to blog my presentation as well as use the media to accompany the written material. The written and visual data are very important to the outcome of the project; therefore, this makes the Edutopia Website ideal for displaying all of the visuals with the project presentation. The project includes the use of technology in field work for conservation purposes therefore making this an excellent project-based learning experience.

Week 2 PPP:
Week 3 PPP:
Prezi Link:
Presenter notes:


  1. Wayne,
    The combination of technology and conservation is an interesting one, and I like how you used technology for its powers of information dissemination. I would be interested to see what new technological tools could be used in "the field" as well in order to further connect students to the environment.

  2. Wayne,
    I think your use of Edutopia is really quite brilliant. It will give you a far reaching audience. The research you have done is important and I hope you and others will continue finding ways to incorporate technology into conservation education.