Friday, April 8, 2011


 I always have iMovie analyze and stabilize my videos on import from my camera, because this saves me time in the long run.
 After iMovie analyzes and stabilizes the footage, it will put squiggly red lines through the area of a clip that iMovie deems too shaky to use. There is a button with an squiggly red line at the bottom left of the windowpane that can be clicked, and iMovie will remove all of the shaky video from the event browser; however, I have not used this because I do not want to lose some of the footage.
There is an audio waveform button under the project pane in order to see the overall volume of each clip. Selecting a portion of audio in a clip allows for the adjustment of the volume of just that portion.
 If you need to adjust the music tracks, you can go to clips and arrange music tracks, and then a drop down menu occurs. In this menu, you can unpin music tracks and move music around in the floating music tracks pane. 
I learned that finalizing a video would create all of the possible formats of the video for easier export of future uploads.
 I earned a certificate of completion from

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